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Read all about my education, work experience, and how it has led me to have the passion that I have for what I do.


I received my BA in Fashion Marketing and Management from The Art Institute of Charlotte, in North Carolina. My intention originally was to gain an education that would prepare me for a career as a Visual Merchandiser within the clothing retail industry. Little did I know, my interest would quickly grow broader than retail. While in college I gained valuable visual merchandising experience while working for major clothing retailers, such as  American Eagle, Torrid and Forever 21.  I can say that I fully understand and respect the anxiety and excitement that is accompined with a 12hour 3day graveyard shift floor set. The work was hard, the hours were long, and the pay was low, but the experience was invaluable.These position allowed me to satisfy my need to create aesthetically pleasing environments that communicated  the essence of the brand to the consumer visually, which I loved.



After graduating, I  relocated from  Charlotte, NC to New York City where I worked as a marketing intern for the online clothing retailer, creating business presentations and brand collateral pieces for their men's watch brand. My experience as an intern showed me  the corporate online retail environment.  It gave me the perspective that I needed to understand how urban lifestyle brands could visually communicate a lifestyle brand digitally. This was during the early years of social media, and I gained knowledge about the importance of creating quality content across various platforms including YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr.  

Still feeling the need to expand, I explored my yearning to become knowledgeable with beauty and wellness industry. I enrolled in the Aveda Institute of New York where I completed the Esthiology Program which focused on the application of holistic skin care and Ayrvedic medicine. This has fueled my passion to continue to explore and understand self care and its parallel partnership with beauty and wellness. It also provides me with the solid foundation of knowledge needed to write accurate and informative skincare articles, as well as demonstrate and suggest appropriate skin care treatments.


And now we are here.  I  currently and reside in Southern California and  offer a variety of writing and editing services from  article and blog writing to copyediting and site content. My perspective is unique, and as a beauty, health and wellness writer I merge my appreciation for music, art, travel and viable research to present a diversified point of view. My work experience has given me a solid understanding of consumer trends and its correlation to business marketing both online and in-store; while My Esthiology training and education has afforded me with the knowledge to present practical solutions that are needed to maintain skin health and overall wellness.  

I share my knowledge and observations through content on various platforms.

Take Care w/ Nena Fatima the Podcast uploads every Monday; New videos are uploaded  to my YouTube channel every Wednesday. My beauty, wellness, and culture related articles can be viewed on Irie . My aim is to inspire, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience. 



Freelance Beauty and Wellness Writer &Media Content Creator 

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