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Writing Sample : The Process

So, the time has come. Time for a cross country move. Most people romanticize moving cross country. Emphasizing mostly the stimulating new experiences, and the expectedly unexpected culture shock. Quite honestly, if you consider yourself to be a wanderer, or a restless adventurer, the concept of moving in general is quite exciting. While I consider myself to be both of the aforementioned I must admit that this process is truly monstrous, with so many elements to consider.

The location and living arrangements have been confirmed. Employement, which is the reason for the move, has been confirmed. The next steps invole transferring my license, ultilities, car home and health insurance, car registration, tax adjustments...... you get the point. The list seems never ending! Nevertheless, it takes a lot of hard work and courage to complete a move like this. I am committed to making this move work for me, just as hard as I work for it, all the while reminding myself to enjoy the process.


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